Temptaste by Google


As the Experience Designer I contributed to finding a way to integrate the digital experience into Google's ecosystem, as well as strategically incorporate the project into user's digital habits. This included designing high-fidelity digital prototypes and video animation.




Adobe Creative Suite | Sketch | After Effects | Principal & Invision

Every day millions of humans ask the same search engine for the answers to life's questions. My team and I decided to take two of the most daily search questions, weather and food, and combine them into a Google trends project.





The tastetemp project combines weather data with food search data to create a fun, new type of temperature. For example, if it is 75º in Richmond, VA, then based on the previous year's search trend data, tastetemp will give the corresponding most searched food at that exact temperature in a silly and Googely way.

         Mostly Cloudy Sushi



Tastetemp is not only a fun addition to the Google ecosystem, it is a way to help inform purchasing decisions. Google has over 1.2 million businesses using its advertising network. With tastetemp, local restaurants and bars can be discovered by people who otherwise wouldn’t have looked them up. 


Promoting tastetemp on current Google platforms, like AdWords, business can better understand and appreciate the numerous ways Google puts them first. Using projects like tastetemp, Google can start to expand and innovate on how users can find and business can gain what they're looking for. 



Users will be able to seamlessly integrate tastetemp into their daily routine through a number of outlets:

1) The App, 2) The Microsite, 3) The Chrome Extension, and an 4) Android update.


The App


The Process

 Initial brainstorming and wireframe sketches

Initial brainstorming and wireframe sketches

Wireframes Version #1

Wireframes Version #2

Wireframes Version #3

The Desktop

The Chrome Extension

With a desktop Chrome Extension, users can get their tastetemp weather every time they open a window.

Chrome Web Store.png

Android Update

Android users will be able to change their display screen with a tastetemp settings options with new software update. 


Interactive Wall Experience

People will be able to learn about tastetemp through a variety of Googlely promotions. One out-of-home experience will be an interactive wall placed in a window display location with high foot traffic. An example of this experience is shown below.


Google Doodle

This experience wouldn't be a true Google project without it's very own Google doodle. The tastetemp doodle will take over the search engine's homepage for a day across the globe to inspire users to explore cuisine outside of their typical menu. Users can click on the doodle to take them to the tastetemp microsite. 

Google doodle.gif

Snapchat Filter

For a limited time, Google will promote the tastetemp project through a Snapchat filter. Replacing the existing temperature filter, tastetemp will change your perception of weather.



Kelly Padgett, Experience Designer

Lizzy Hopkinson, Copywriter

Jake Broglio, Art Director

Héctor Rivas, Art Director

Christin Johnson, Strategy

Surabhi Batra, Creative Brand Management