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I am a maker, a dreamer, a fighter, and a designer – and this project allowed me to do all of those things. I touched and tailored every inch of this project because I believe in Feminist Fight Club and I believe in slaying the patriarchy. 



Adobe Creative Suite | 360º Media | Sewing | 3D Printer | Vinyl Cutter | Blood, Sweat, and Tears


Part manual, part manifesto, Feminist Fight Club provides 

practical, no-bullsh*t advice for how to combat today’s sexism.



While an inspirational read, the FFC book was missing entry into an official membership. People who wanted to join the movement didn’t know how. We asked – how could we maintain the aesthetics and messaging of the FFC, while transforming 294 pages into a manifesto for feminists to create action around a global movement?



We set out to build a campaign that would expand on every experience – including from how a book could communicate to more than just one person at a time through a post card, to elevating the web experience with communication platforms and merchandise. Giving members the information and tools they need to take initiative and get involved, the #SLAYSEXISM campaign was born.


#SLAYSEXISM continues the conversation by branding FFC as a tribal community.


The Creed: #SLAYSEXISM embodies the ethos of the FFC book in an effort to continue communication across the battlefield and into the fight towards slaying the patriarchy. 


We wanted to create a flow of experiences from the moment a reader buys the book, all the way to the ecommerce page. There are three main sections of the user journey: 


1. The Postcard

2. The Digital Experience

3. The Ecommerce


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Easy peal-away address stickers to continue the conversation and stay eco-friendly!

The message of the postcard is more than a mere call to action. It is a call to arms for Feminists around the country.


Initially there were eight navigation categories. To clean it up I condensed it down to six pages, provided consistent naming, as well as added organization by grouping items that related to one another and tiered them within drop down menus.


The #SLAYSEXISM campaign page was placed up front. I see this as a fluid location that could change depending on the campaign or initiative of the moment. Other pages were added including ‘Join’ and ‘Start’ to strengthen the physical presence of the club and entice engagement. 


I reorganized the original FeministFightClub.com information architecture to a revised, more accessible navigation. 

 Transformation from original FeministFightClub.com information architecture to a revised, more accessible navigation. 


To highlight the the #SLAYSEXISM campaign and provide and placeholder for future campaigns, this page is placed first in the toolbar navigation. 


The ‘How Do You #SLAYSEXISM’ section is a platform for members to gain information on how others slay the patriarchy in their own way, as well as upload their own content. Everyone has a voice in this fight! 


See example of uploaded content below.

Example 360º video content to show how women in advertising #SLAYSEXISM.


We wanted to create a strong identity for the electronic newsletter. The Noise represents the women who are standing up and speaking out, not only in the FFC community, but in the feminist coming around the globe. A bimonthly newsletter, The Noise helps keep communication open and the conversation going.


What’s better than being part of an ass-kicker club? Rockin’ the merch! Feminist Fight Club and #SLAYSEXISM merchandise for the feminist fighter! 

T-shirts, mugs, two-finger rings, office desk posters, and more.



All store items were produced and made by hand.


Kelly Padgett, Experience Designer

Keilani Mansfield, Experience Designer