As the Experience Designer my roles included strategic development and design thinking. I contributed to finding a way to integrate the new product line into the existing family and brand ethos from both a physical and digital perspective. I also created physical high-fidelity prototypes which elevated our concept for the client during the presentation. 




Adobe Creative Suite | Sketch | C4D | Vinyl Cutter | Super Awesome Crafting Skills


The Hello company exists to 'create the most natural, effective, delicious, and delightful personal care products in the world, in the friendliest way possible'. We were tasked with developing a new product line to expand the current family of Hello oral care products.

(Current line shown below.)



We applied the same rationale Hello used for breaking into the oral care industry to break into another industry desperately in need of a friendly make-over: The Intimacy Aisle.


Buying condoms and intimacy products can be a shame-based, uncomfortable experience for a lot of people. During our focus group we found that most people are not loyal to a specific brand and the messaging from the dominate brands in the condom category feel more creepy and unrealistic than speaking to what really goes on in the bedroom.



Friendly intimacy. Plain and simple. We wanted to take the awkwardness out of the intimacy aisle and provide better, healthier products that both men and women could feel good about purchasing. The founder loved it! Check out what he had to saw below.



We illustrated how both oral care and intimacy products could live side by side, in harmony, on their current digital space. Hello had recently done a website redesign, but to make the product expansion seamless, some interface and information architecture edits needed to be done.






Designing and building the physical products took multiple sketches, meetings, iterations, and tape. Each piece was created with the user in mind – condoms with easy open peel away tabs, double sided convenience pack to keep everything you need in one place, and sprayable lube which gives you the right amount without the mess. We wanted everything to be friendlier and more beautiful than anything that currently stocked the intimacy aisle. 

Creating Physical Product Prototypes

Preliminary Sketch for Convenience Pack

Home Page Wire

Preliminary Sketch for Convenience Pack

Product Shoot

Product Page Wire


Kelly Padgett, Experience Designer

Alex McClelland, Art Director

Jessica Sugerman, Art Director

Will Bareford, Copywriter

Caitlin Murphy, Creative Brand Management

Ekta Shah, Strategy