Feminist Fight Club2




To empower women, generate discussion and raise awareness to gender inequality in the advertising industry. To fight gender bias, glass ceilings, pay gaps, and the dinosaurs, like all the Kevin’s of the world, let’s drag the gender debate back into the light and say with big and bold letters that this issue is far from over.




Brought to you by two bad ass ladies/soul sisters/feminists working their way through grad school. This project was born out of a shared vision for equality and a passion for solving problems through creative solutions. Fed up with the sexist status quo and 25+ years of fighting for our voices to be heard, we decided it was time. The #SLAYSEXISM Campaign is an extension and materialization of the Feminist Fight Club book which inspired this project and kindled our internal feminist flames. For every voice in this fight towards equality we wanted to make a unified, yet personal experience. This is more than a project - it is a real battle we are prepared to continue to fight until equality has been reached. With this campaign we promise to slay…all day…every day.

Girl power!


Note: This campaign is currently in progress. We are working with the author to enhance the campaign and the overall FFC experience.

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This 360º music video was created to represent the fight for equality within the advertising community through a unique point of view, user controlled medium. We have dedicated our skills and passion to this powerful industry and, along with the help of some fierce Ad Girls, we will one day break free from the oppression of the glass ceiling and pave the way for future creative leaders from the top down. Because women can be creative directors and strong leaders too, didn't you hear?


This part of the expansion was devised to arm women with the tools and encouragement to face anything that comes their way. From gold rings that take back the power of the pussy to lipsticks that help women throw some shade at negative labels of feminists. 

Skills Used:

• 360 Production & Design

• 2D & 3D Product Design

• Branding

• User Interface Design

• Graphic Design

Tools Used:

• C4D

• After Effects

• Adobe Creative Suite

• Vinyl Cutter

• 3D Printer