As one of the Experience Designers on this team, my specific contributions including 360º production & design, creative problem solving through immersive storytelling, and branded product design. My team and I devised a way to maintain the iconic humor of Arby's through development of a 'selfless' brand campaign.




After Effects | C4D | 360º Camera | A-frame



Our team was asked by Arby's and their AOR Fallon to create an unique integrated brand campaign. After much research into the company and speaking with their many meat-loving fans, we discovered a problem. Arby's prices are considered steep compared to others in their category. But Arby's is not your average quick service restaurant. Their prices are higher because the quality of their food is higher. Knowing that, how could we position Arby's as more than just a fast food brand?




Arby's prides itself for knowing it's meat. So do a lot of cities around America. 




To shine a spotlight on America's meat-loving cities and the restaurants that feed them.




Arby's is well-known for their humorously transparent advertising. We decided to take that approach and apply it to an integrated brand campaign that celebrates meat, and the cities who love it, around the country. 


The Arby's food truck would be on tour around the country, promoting the top meat-famous restaurants of each city. Every day Arby's would give away sandwiches from chosen establishments as it makes stops around local hot spots. That's right, we will not serve Arby's sandwiches. And we created a few local commercials corresponding to the tour to promote not Arby's, but celebrate each of these city's meat cultures.

(Example content based on Houston city tour.)

Arby's touring food truck. Selected restaurant logos would be displayed predominately on the front and exchange out as the tour moves from city to city. 

 LED screen on the back of the food truck share fun messaging correlating to each city. 

LED screen on the back of the food truck share fun messaging correlating to each city. 


360º video content showcases an immersive tour of each city's restaurants. Users can virtually jump into restaurants to experience more 'behind the meat' content. Best if used with Arby's branded VR headset.

Local city Arby's will distribute branded VR headsets in-store with the purchase of a sandwich. Sandwiches and headsets will fit together as a single package that users can pull apart to access preassembled headset. CTA's on headset will direct people to 360º content and microsite.


We will showcase the 360º video on both Facebook and Youtube platforms 

360º Promotional Video

360º Youtube spot promotes immersive restaurant experience.

360º Immersive Restaurant Experience

With call to action's on the VR headsets and promotional social pieces, users can find the immersive 360º restaurant experience on the America Has the Meats microsite. Here users can click on the restaurant logos under the associated sandwiches to get a closer look inside these famous meat eateries. Check out the interactive prototype below! 

I wanted to create a clean, on-brand immersive experience that allowed users to interact with their food like never before. This is a preliminary sketch of the experience in flat form.

The second iteration of the immersive Arby's experience. Viewers would open the video on the center image which has the 'meat' of the content in the comfortable field of view, adapted by by Alex Chu.


During and after the tour, Arby's will introduce new sauces representing the flavors of their 'America Has the Meats' food tour. 


Shortly after pitching to Arby's and AOR Fallon, a new campaign was launched that may or may not have been influenced by this project...


Chris Kessler, Copywriter

Jessie Kemmerling, Art Director

Beth Hughes, Art Director

George Zeigler, Creative Brand Manager

Ekta Shah, Strategist

Katie Cullinan, Experience Designer